Friday, August 14, 2015

Rocket Languages – A Good Start to Learn Spanish?

On of the best parts about the Rocket Languages Spanish course is the interactive online experience similar to an online classroom setting. 

You and others like you are taking the course at the same time led by two professional instructors. You will get to know the instructors as teachers who really want you to get your money’s worth and have fun along the way. It is an eight- week course, which because of follow-up does not end in eight weeks.

Mauricio Evlampieff, originally from Chile is the creator of Rocket Spanish. His first language is Spanish. Amy Waterman, whose first language is English, is actively involved in the lessons with Mauricio. 

Together they guide students through each of thirty-one lessons and offer support and encouragement along the way. The course is interesting, practical and effective. 

Students usually experience a strong sense of accomplishment as they progress through the course. Their ability to speak Spanish often amazes them. 

Surprised by how much they are learning like others they look forward to their time with Mauricio and Amy. Students soon become very familiar with the purple buttons, which serve as a direct line to audio messages from Mauricio and audio portions of the course.

The components of the full course are:

  • 31 Interactive Audio Lessons
  • A Learning Guide
  • 31 Grammar lessons- 400 exercises and grammar audio tracks
  • MegVocab software game
  • MegaAudio software game
  • MegaCards (Flash cards)
  • MegaSpanish software

Follow up Newsletters and free lessons

Rocket Languages Spanish is available as an interactive Audio course on 20 CD’s for use at home, in the car and elsewhere. The CDs include grammar lessons and MegaSpanish games. The downloadable course gives you the complete course on your computer. 
You can even download audio files in MP3 format to your iPod or burn them to an audio CD. There are just so many ways to make the course work for you, so you can learn to speak, read, write and comprehend the Spanish language. Mauricio has made the course available in different formats because he is serious about helping adults and older students became adept at communicating in Spanish.
Mauricio Evlampieff is the author of Rocket Spanish and proud of his native culture, heritage and language he has a deep love for his homeland. Mauricio as a former teacher, continues to enjoy sharing his great love for the Spanish language with students around the world. 
He is passionate about his work and thrilled by the success of students who have learned Spanish through Rocket Spanish. Who is more qualified to teach the Spanish language than, a man like Mauricio, a natural born Spanish teacher?
Take the first step and request the six free lessons to determine if Rocket Languages Spanish is for you. 
Most people who really work through those six lessons are ready to make a commitment and purchase the course. Good reviews tell us for great value at a low price, Rocket Spanish is the Course to buy.


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